When it comes to beauty products, there are so many options available. We know many beauty-conscious women who spend hours on end getting these specialised products online from Amazon, which, unfortunately, does not operate from Australia. Our site Laschwandra.com specialises in that.  But since this site is mainly for Aussies, we have some other options instead. The links on this page are physical products that are either based in Australia, or is known to ship to Australia quickly. Check them out:

Happy Skin Care Cosmetics:

This one is a well-known favourite among Aussies. Not only is it known for not causing skin irritation, it also has a strong ethical element to it. And in case you were wondering, no, it is not just for the most pretentious of hipsters! Put your preconceived judgment to one side first and check it out.

The “Idol” Series:

The “Idol” series is so well-known that the original business has expanded to ship worldwide. Perhaps you are a little sceptical of products with a foreign origin, but think about it: if its reputation has been growing and its reviews are stellar, don’t you at least owe it to yourself to give it a chance? Don’t miss out, just check it out today!

Teeth Whitening:

I know that you already have a million-dollar smile. If you did not have one before, the fact that you are exploring this site and being exposed to all the goodies have undoubtedly put one on your face! Do you know what does not go with that smile? Discoloured teeth. So what do you do about it? Well, you can have a look at these and decide to take action: